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Founded in 1909, Argenta Alu nv – more commonly known by the brand name argenta® – has been developing and producing hinges for interior doors for over 100 years.

Argent Alu offers a wide range of door hardware thanks to a persistent vertical integration. Besides its own development division and test laboratory Argent Alu also manages other processes in-house such as: mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding, production, aluminium processing, anodization, powder coating and assembly. Our local sales teams assist our distributors where possible and follow market developments closely.

 Our wide selection of products includes:

  • Concealed hinges invisible
  • Hinges in all sizes, colours and models (both modern and country style)
  • Indoor sliding door fittings argenta slide for wooden and glass doors
  • A wide selection of window and shutter fittings
  • Invisible door frame invisidoor
  • Letterboxes albo


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