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Stainless steel hinges

Argenta Alu has created an innovative patented improvement to the familiar stainless steel hinges: the clamped wear ring. The stainless steel hinges from argenta are standard equipped with a clamped bi-material wear ring. This clamped wear ring can no longer move from the pin itself, therefore no time is lost looking for lost wear rings during the installation of the door.
This wear ring is made of a stainless steel outer ring (in the same surface finishing as the hinge) with a selfgreasing and wear-proof polyoxymethylene outer inner ring. Because of this much less dirt resulting from grease or soot formation will be visible on the hinge.


  • No more lost wear rings during door installation
  • Faster installation of doors
  • Standard on stainless steel argenta┬« hinges 80/80A, 89/89A and 100/86A
  • Wear ring can be obtained separately (thicknesses 0.08, 0.1, 0.12 and 0.2 in)
  • Included wear rings can also be used for height regulation
  • Wear rings can still be removed/added manually
  • Patented solution
  • Less dirt as a result of grease or soot formation
  • Wing with pin + ring and wing with hole available separately

inox_paumel_80_80a_gesloten_1    paumel_inox_ijzer_piramideknop_1

The stainless steel argenta┬« hinge 80/80A is available in various colours and models. Thanks to the large selection of models it is possible to use this stainless steel hinge in perfect harmony with all styles of door and interior decoration, fully adapted to your taste.
This decorative stainless steel hinge (left or right version) is rolled from stainless steel with stainless steel pin and ring and available with a flat end or pyramid finial.

Finishing stainless steel hinges:

  • Stainless steel brushed: standard finishing for stainless steel hinges
  • CU: copper -plated
  • BR: bronze colour
  • Iron colour: imitation iron look
  • CHR: brilliant chrome
  • ALL: alu look (aluminium grey)
  • Rust brown: dark brown, imitation rust colour
  • RAL 9010: pure white
  • MAT 9005: mat black
  • AS: ancient silver