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invisiframe® S

Invisible aluminum frame for flush pocket doors in line with the wall

When closed, the invisiframe S door leaf is integrated perfectly in the same plane as the wall surrounding it. This makes it completely invisible on one side of the wall, eliminating the need for even a door handle. Upon opening, the door leaf slides away into the wall. Thanks to it’s unique design, the door leaf and sliding gear can be (dis)mounted after the wall is finished.



Technical features:

Standard door width32 43/64 – 36 39/64 – 40 35/64
Standard door height79 29/64 – 80 5/16 – 83 17/64
84 1/4 – 91 9/64
Door thickness1 37/64
Max weight176 lbs
Min. wall thickness (for brickwork and
walls with minimum wall thickness of)
4 59/64


Standard included:

DamperSoft close
Auto EjectYes
Integrated sealWhite
LockMagnotica Pro
FinishEpoxy primer
OptionAGB hook lock


Video invisiframe S: