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The invisible aluminium door frame for a timeless and superior design

Thanks to an ingenious aluminium interior door frame, it is possible to achieve integrated doors in walls with a frame-less appearance. With the invisiframe the door is lined up perfectly with the wall allowing architects to create clean lines. The frame is designed to support a fully plastered finish. The alignment of the door is achieved using the concealed 3D adjustable hinges argenta invisible Neo.



Technical features:

  1 37/64 inch 3/4 inch 2 inch 2 1/8 inch
Max. Door width (single door) 49 inch
Max. Door width (double door) 98 inch
Max. Door height 157 inch
Max. Door Thickness 1 1/– 1 37/64 inch 1 3/4 inch 2 inch 2 1/8 inch
Min. wall thickness (for brickwork and
walls with minimum wall thickness of)
2 3/4 inch 3 5/32 inch
Fire resistant version
(according to EN 1634-1)
EI130, EI230, EW30, E30


Standard included:

  1 37/64 inch 3/4 inch 2 inch 2 1/8 inch
Hinges invisible Neo M-6
Finish (hinges) Matt chrome
Integrated seal White
Lock Magnetic key lock
Finish (profile) Epoxy primer coating



  1 37/64 inch 3/4 inch 2 inch 2 1/8 inch
Hinges invisible Neo S-5 invisible Neo M-6 invisible Neo L-7
Finish (hinges)
  • Glossy chrome
  • Stainless steel look
  • Tar black
  • Black umber
  • Bronze
  • Dark bronze
  • Classic bronze
  • Polished brass (CU)
  • Copper
Integrated seal
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Magnetic cylinder lock
  • Magnetic bathroom- and toilet lock
  • Invisible No-Ha lock
  • Invisible No-Ha bathroom- and toilet lock
  • Magnotica, magnetic closing system (without lock)
  • KFV magnetic key lock
  • KFV magnetic cylinder lock
  • KFV magnetic bathroom- and toilet lock
  • Multipoint lock type T1781 (only milling)
  • Electric strike plate Eff Eff  (only milling)
  • Dorma ITS-96 door closer (only milling)
Finish (profile) RAL coating



Installation video invisiframe:


Finishing video invisiframe: