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invisible Exo XC-10

The invisible hinge for mounted architraves

The Exo XC-10 has a cladding of minimum 0.157 inch and a maximum 0.393 inch. This makes it possible to go around a frame of 0.472 inch. The invisible Exo XC-10 is equipped with the Easy-Hook system. This means that the assembly and the adjustment can be done by one person. 



Technical features:

 Exo XC-10
FinishMatt chrome with cover caps in matt chrome, black or white 
Min. door thicknessmin. 1.57 inch
Min. door thickness with max. cladding1.81 inch
Installation depth1.437 inch
Dimensions (L x l)5.905 x 1.259 inch
Assembly and adjustment in 3DEasy-Hook
Height adjustment-0.118 / +0.118 inch
Width adjustment-0.118 / +0.118 inch
Pressure (depth adjustment)-0.0393 / +0.0393 inch
Min. cladding0.157 inch
Max. cladding0.393 inch
Opening angle180┬░
Type of screwSPAX – Z2 dia: max. 5


Weight table:

 Exo XC-10
Number of hinges23
Max. door weight
according to door width
28.74 inch143.30 lbs165.34 lbs
32.67 inch132.27 lbs154.32 lbs
36.61 inch121.25 lbs143.30 lbs
40.55 inch110.23 lbs132.27 lbs


Discover here the invisible Exo XC-10: