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invisible Neo

The invisible design hinge

The argenta invisible Neo is a series of concealed hinges with an exceptionally high and sublime finish; not a single screw is visible. These hinges can be fixed in an easy, flexible and quick way thanks to the unique height adjustment system: you no longer require wedges to place under the door when adjusting the height. The built-in “Easy-Hook” system ensures that the door can be installed in the frame and adjusted by just one person. The hinge’s casing can already be installed in the door in the workshop.



Technical features:

 invisible Neo
FinishMatt chrome, glossy chrome, stainless steel look, tar black, black umber,
Bronze, Antique bronze, dark bronze, polished brass
Min. door thicknessmin. 1.30 inmin. 1.42 inmin. 1.57 in
Min. door thickness with max. cladding1.38 in1.57 in1.81 in
Door weight (2 pieces)(1)up to 132.28 lbsup to 176.37 lbsup to 220.46 lbs
Door weight (3 pieces)(1)up to 176.37 lbsup to 220.46 lbsup to 330.69 lbs
Overall depth1.02 in (frame) /
1.18 in (door)
1.18 in (frame) /
1.26 in (door)
1.30 in (frame) /
1.42 in (door)
Dimensions (L x W)4.72 x 0.98 in5.51 x 1.10 in6.69 x 1.26 in
Installation and adjustmentEasy-Hook
Height adjustment(2)-0.08 / +0.08 in-0.12 / +0.12 in-0.12 / +0.12 in
Width adjustment(2)-0.12 / +0.16 in-0.12 / +0.16 in-0.12 / +0.16 in
Pressure (depth adjustment)(2)-0.04 / +0.04 in-0.06 / +0.06 in-0.06 / +0.06 in
Max. cladding0.2 in0.24 in0.28 in
Opening angle180°180°180°
Fire resistant(3)E30, EI230, EI130, EW30E30, EI230, EI130, EW30(4)E30, EI230, EI130, EW30
E60, EI260, EI160, EW60

(1) based on a reference door of 39.37 x 78.74 in
(2) neutral position factory setting: standard of a 0.08 inch door margin
(3) fire resistant according to standard EN1634-1: 2008 and classified according to EN13501-2:2007


Weight table:

 invisible Neo
Number of hinges232323
Max. door weight
according to door width
28.74 in165.34 lbs209.44 lbs209.44 lbs253.53 lbs242.51 lbs352.74 lbs
32.68 in154.32 lbs198.42 lbs198.42 lbs242.51 lbs231.49 lbs341.72 lbs
36.61 in143.30 lbs187.39 lbs187.39 lbs231.49 lbs220.46 lbs330.69 lbs
40.55 in132.28 lbs176.37 lbs176.37 lbs220.46 lbs209.44 lbs319.67 lbs




Installation video invisible Neo: