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Pivotica® Pro

Invisible hinge for pivoting doors up to 220 lbs

Thanks to its compact size the argenta pivotica Pro is not only easy to mount in the door, the pivot hinge can also be installed in pivoting floor-to-ceiling-height doors. Because the pivot system is placed inside the door, the argenta pivotica Pro can be used in both new construction and renovation and it is suitable for floors with underfloor heating. Thanks to the extra bracket the position of the hinge can be chosen, resulting in a maximum door width of 78.74 inch if the hinge is placed in the center of the door. From door height of 98.43 inch we recommend to use an argenta magnotica, magnetic contactless door closer.

Finally the argenta pivotica Pro meets to the EN 1154 standard for door closers.


Technical characteristics:

  • Max. door weight: 220 lbs
  • Max. door height: 118.11 inch
  • Max. door width: 78.74 inch
  • Min. door thickness: 1.57 inch
  • Max. opening angel: 150°
  • Fix position: +90° / -90°
  • Suitable for room high doors
  • Active damper with 2 speed control
  • Adjustable bottom plate:
    • Width adjustment: -0.12 / +0.12 inch
    • Depth adjustment: -0.12 / +0.12 inch
    • Alignment: -4 / +4°
  • Optional: black cover caps