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Argent Alu introduces a new, minimalist and innovative sliding door system with visible guide profile; the argenta® slide linea.

The argenta® slide linea is a sliding door system for wooden internal sliding doors with built-in anti-derailing mechanism and (optionally) an integrated Slow Stop that stops the door and keeps it in place in a measured and controlled manner. Say goodbye to collisions between internal sliding doors! The system also allows door adjustments so that the door can hang at a perfect right angle. The visible guide profile can be supplied in various colours and can be painted either to match your wall colour or it can carried out in an accentuated and contrasting colour. The argenta® slide linea can be used for sliding doors that slide to the left or right, and for internal doors in modern residences or offices. 


  • Compact design
  • Invisible running gear
  • Visible guide profile

Technical characteristics:

  • For door panels up to 176.37 in
  • Minimum door thickness: 1.10 in
  • Length of the guide profile: 78.74 or 118.11 in (other sizes can be supplied on request)
  • Standard Stop or Slow Stop
  • Type 0.47 in for plinths of 0.39 in or type 0.71 in for plinths of 0.59 in


  • Natural anodised (SAA)