Door grills Products

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Together with Renson Ventilation, the trendsetter in natural ventilation, Argent Alu, specialist in door solutions, presents a wide variety of door grilles, from a simple sight proof aluminium grille with chevron section blades ‘461’ to a special fire-resistant door louvre ‘incendo®’ and acoustic design grille ‘silendo®’.
The Belgian standard D50-001 supplies a calculation method with which the required ventilation supply, airflow rates and exhaust standards are determined. After all, we all want to achieve a continuous air circulation throughout the house, from ‘dry’ to ‘wet’ spaces. The standard air flow rate capacity should be 25 m³/h between dry spaces, hallway and wet spaces (between a closed kitchen and living room, hallway, bedroom or stairway, the nominal capacity should be 50 m³/h).

All necessary info can be found in the leaflet below: