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Aluminium hinges

Aluminium argenta® hinges are available in different colours and types. Thanks to the large choice of models, it is possible to use these dimensionally stable aluminium hinges for every door colour and style.

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Finishing aluminium hinges:

  • F1: natural colour (E6/EV1) anodised (20 micron)
  • F2: champagne colour (E6/C33) anodised (20 micron)
  • RAL std: powder-coated (60-70 micron) in standard RAL colours, such as:
RAL 9010 (pure white)RAL 6012 (blackish green)
RAL 9005 (jet black)RAL 5024 (pastel blue)
RAL 9002 (white grey)RAL 5013 (cobalt blue)
RAL 8022 (blackish brown)RAL 5002 (ultramarine blue)
RAL 8017 (chocolate brown)RAL 3007 (blackish red)
RAL 7038 (agate grey)RAL 3003 (ruby red)
RAL 7011 (iron grey)RAL 1013 (oyster white)
RAL 6022 (olive drab)RAL 1004 (golden yellow)
RAL 6016 (turquoise green)MAT 9005 (mat black)
  • CU: copper-plated
  • BR: bronze colour
  • NI: nickel-plated
  • CF: canon fusil
  • CHR: chrome-plated
  • CU mat: mat copper-plated
  • INL: stainless steel look