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argenta® close hinge

The self-closing spring hinge

The argenta® close 80/80A is the well-known aluminium argenta® hinge 80/80A with built-in spring system (from stainless spring steel). Thanks to this spring system, the door will close automatically and energy loss, resulting from open doors, is avoided. Also available: argenta® close 89/89A.


  • Energy-saving; doors no longer remain open, keeping the warmth in
  • Aesthetics: pump systems are no longer necessary
  • Compatible: existing argenta® hinge 80/80A can be replaced by the argenta® close 80/80A (only the central hinge needs to be replaced, the door can therefore remain in place during the replacement)
  • Colours: available in all finishes
  • Several types of finials possible: flat, pyramid or vase
  • Easy installation
  • Milling template: same cut as the standard argenta® hinge 80/80A
  • Cost-efficient: most affordable door closer
  • Adjustable: spring tension can be adjusted
  • Fire certificate Rf 30 available (argenta® close 80/80A)

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Finishes: anodised (natural or champagne colour), powder-coated in all available RAL colours, copper-plated (Cu), bronzecoloured (Br), nickel-plated (Ni), canon fusil (CF), chrome (Chr), matt copper-plated (Cu matt) and stainless steel look (INL).