Invisidoor® Products

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Invisible door frame for internal doors

“Discrete interior doors” – the trend for a timeless interior style with a sleek and minimalist design. With its invisible door systems Argent Alu responds perfectly to this trend. Thanks to these systems, closed doors and walls constitute one whole: the disturbing frames disappear, while the hinges are mounted in such a way that from the outside they are no longer visible. Argent Alu offers an ‘invisible’ solution for revolving doors (invisidoor DL), pivoting (invisidoor AX Pro & invisidoor AX) and pocket doors (invisidoor SDX & invisidoor SD).

Skirting boards remained the only obstacle to a perfectly flat wall. Through the invisiplint, “invisible skirting boards”, you now have the perfect solution for this problem. These invisible skirting boards allow you to achieve the sleek and minimalistic design that your home deserves.