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Invisidoor® AX

Invisible aluminium frame for pivoting internal doors till 45kg

The argenta invisidoor AX is an invisible aluminium frame for pivoting internal doors that can be easily, quickly and invisibly installed and plastered-in. Thanks to this innovative concept, the installation of pivoting doors becomes child’s play; the frame with integrated pivot system can be installed very easily and no system needs to be built into the floor. The argenta invisidoor AX is extremely suitable for use as a door to a walk-in wardrobe or as a door between the kitchen and living room The door can be pushed open quickly and easily in both directions, without a handle.




Technical features:

Max. Door width (single door)1000 mm
Max. Door height3000 mm
Max. Door thickness40 mm
Max. Door weight45 kg
Min. wall thickness (for brickwork and
walls with minimum wall thickness of)
 70 mm
Holding position-90° & +90°
Max opening angle150°


Standard included:

Pivot hingeargenta pivotica
Finishing (pivot)alu
Lockargenta magnotica
Finshing (profile)Epoxy primer coating



 invisidoor AX
Finshing (profile)RAL coating



Installation video invisidoor AX: