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Invisidoor® SD

Invisible aluminium frame for pocket doors

Thanks to the argenta invisidoor SD, an invisible aluminium frame for interior pocket doors, you can now keep the austere design of the invisidoor range for your sliding doors, maintaining that timeless, streamlined look. The argenta invisidoor SD uses the well-known invisidoor technology for invisible aluminium frames.
Furthermore thanks to the argenta proslide sliding door system, doors can be applied up to 100 kg in weight. The special ESSI module delivered with the door makes it easy to install and remove the upper profile with all of its components. Due to the Manual-Fix fixing system, wich is delivered with argenta invisidoor SD, there is the smallest possible amount of space (up to 5 mm) between the door panel and the upper profile. As an interior designer you need to integrate the frame in the wall.




Technical features:

 invisidoor SD
Max. Door width (single door)1230mm
Max. Door height2140mm3000mm
Max. Door thickness44mm
Max. Door weight100kg
Wall thickness100mm125mm


Standard included:

 invisidoor SD
Sliding hardwareProslide Manual-fix
Stop11 x slow stop & 1 x standard stop
Mounting moduleESSI module: 50 mm
Integrated sealWhite
LockplateCover plate
Finishing (Profile)Epoxy primer coating

Min. Door width with 1 Slow Stop = 730 mm
Min. Door width with 2 Slow Stops = 930 mm



 invisidoor SD
  • Extra slow stop
  • Magnotica
  • Lock plate for hook lock
  • No milling for the lock plate
Integrated seal
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Proslide door profile & endcaps
  • Proslide door guiding profile
  • Proslide brushes
  • Proslide C-handle
  • Proslide Push&Go