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invisidoor SDX Corner

Invisible aluminium frame for sliding doors in the wall

Now that the invisidoor SDX is also available for sliding doors in a corner setup, it opens up a whole new world of interior design possibilities. Both in assisted-living centres and lofts, the art lies in separating small spaces without having to lose that ‘sense of spaciousness’. This is often a major challenge in assisted-living centres and rest homes, where the available space is growing scarcer. A corner sliding door is a creative solution to an enclosable bathroom that is still freely accessible for wheelchair users.

A loft exudes openness and that’s exactly why the invisidoor SDX fits in perfectly there. Given that the doors disappear completely into the wall when open, the open feeling of the loft remains perfectly intact, while you can still separate the two spaces almost instantly.


Technical specifications:

 SDX 125 corner
Max. door width (single door)11500mm
Max. door height3000mm
Max. door thickness44mm
Max. door weight100kg
Wall thickness125mm


Delivered as standard with:

 SDX125 corner
FrameInvisidoor SDX door frame in corner setup
Sliding door profile
  • Removable argenta proslide top profile
  • 5 connector brackets
  • 2 end profiles
  • Unique connector profile
Sliding door fitting sets
  • Argenta Proslide Manual-Fix fixtures
  • One slow stop damper and one adjustable stop
  • Integrated floor plate
  • Removable, acoustic TPE seal
FinishMade as standard with a primer that can be painted over

Min. door width with one Slow Stop = 730 mm
Min. door width with two Slow Stops = 930 mm

 SDX125 corner
Door fittings
  • Extra slow stop
  • Invisidoor SDX cover profile
  • Invisidoor SDX floor profile
  • Proslide door recessed profile & end caps
  • Proslide lower guide profile
  • Proslide brushes
  • Proslide C-grip
  • Proslide Push&Go

Minimum recessed installation dimensions:

  • Door A recessed length: B = (width of door panel x 2) + 31 mm
  • Door A recessed height: H = height of door panel + 65 mm
  • Door B recessed length: B = (width of door panel x 2) + 31 mm
  • Door B recessed height: H = height of door panel + 65 mm

Vrije doorgang:

  • Free passage = √ ((door leaf A-30)²+(door leaf B+10)²)
  • In case door leaf A is in front of door leaf B.


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