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Professional sliding door fittings for internal wooden doors up to 100 kg

Argent Alu introduces the high-quality internal sliding door system argenta® proslide®. This sliding door system has been specially designed for professional use. All components have been designed to guarantee extreme resistance to wear in high frequency use. The argenta proslide sliding door fittings offer solutions for single, parallel, simultaneous, symmetrical and telescopic doors as well as for automated sliding doors and floor-to-ceiling sliding doors.

Technical features:

Max. door weight 100kg
Min. door thickness 28 mm
Max. door thickness* 50 mm
Min. door width with 1 slowstop 730 mm
Min. door width with 2 slowstops 930 mm
Spacing between the floor and the door 7 mm
Height adjustment 10 mm

* in case of wall mounting

Installation video Proslide: